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Hosted by: Stardust Video & Coffee
Curator & Organizer: Jenna Caring 2015 - present

Grandma Party Bazaar started in 2005 as a small group of friends getting together to make and sell things in the Stardust Video & Coffee parking lot. It's originator, J.T. Almon, handed the reins to Casey Szot who passed it on to Christina Rapson and Ashley Belanger. Jenna Caring has carried the Granny torch since 2015.


Throughout the years, Grandma Party has grown exponentially and has become a beloved and anticipated annual event. GPB is truly an Orlando institution dedicated to bringing you the best local artists and makers, live music & DJ's. Grandma Party is you and me and all of us making it happen, so that means she's always fun, drunk and weird. 


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xoxo, Grandma

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